Early Photographic Etched Plates

These photographic images were some of my first etchings. They date back to 2012 and 2013. They include images taken from my travels and some hand drawn designs where I needed a finer line. Due to  my history in textile design, these designs often appear to be repeat patterns. I have to admit I rarely expose a light sensitive etching plate these days. I am more likely to make a transfer print from a photocopy straight onto either a plate or Somerset 250gms paper which gives a softer image.

These images were taken from on my iPhone with very little photoshop treatment.

I started a series of Capitols of Capitals and applied colour to the plate hoping to make them pop. Capitals and Buddhas were my very first experiment with photographic plates.

These images originate from a paper making course I attended several years ago. With the aid of old fashioned cut and paste, I designed a series of small and large images ready for photographic plate exposure and individual hand colouring.

I love the simplicity of line in the below images. I have always planned to return to finish this series, but as yet, have not got around to it. These were quirky drawings copied to acetate and then used to produced a photo etching plate. The photo etching technique does not have to be used to produce photo like etchings alone. It can be employed to reproduce hand drawn pieces too.