How to print oil monotypes without a press

Thanks to British artist Dan Tirel’s YouTube videos on monoprinting with oil paint, not printing ink I had an amazing hands on experience on my kitchen table. It was a great learning curve. I plan to video the process soon and will definitely share the results.

These prints on Somerset paper 250gms, have encouraged me to use all the odds and ends left in the plans chest from previous print runs as you can print over any image. It helps to have  a selection of cut or torn  templates prepared. The prints are printed over a series of days and hopefully you’ll see the the story unveil.

I’m using extra cut and torn stencils and playing around with base black and drawn line in theses three prints.

Some previously prepared  coloured backgrounds helped this series ‘pop’ giving depth and charm to each print and so easy to clean up after!

I love the narrower prints in this series as you can start building up tiers of colour layering.

Finally in these prints I used a real mix of experimental line with shape and colour, what joy.