Steel Plates and Oil Lift

Back printing at Working Mens College early in 2018.  Preparing several plates, two small and two large, for the East Finchley Open in June-July of that year. Although challenging, steel plates can be so subtle and suggestive. It is important that you check the depth of bite in the image throughout the acid bath. After this I thought I’d continue with oil lift images and prepared a couple of smaller plates to try and iron out any hiccups. Then onto a larger scale plates.

Beginning of the High Ridge Plate

Adding Colour to the Plate

Now experimental layering of colour onto the plate and then the production of the final print.

Hollow Land

Hollow Land is another small steel plate and I decided to print it in black.

The single larger plate image of Hollow needed work over several days. 

Cloud Land

Cloud Land took several weeks as two plates were used. The first plate to be printed was the original oil lift etched plate. I made several printed copies of this plate. These prints were then allowed to dry. A second colour plate was then printed on top of the etching. These colour plates were one offs. They were done with individual colour variations. Cloud Land is approx 45×55 cms.