Dawn Finn - Printmaker


I am an artist and maker of prints  living and working in Highgate Village, North London.

My images are essentially decorative, abstract pieces. That said, they often have tenuous links to figurative, real-world situations. The emotional elements of these images rely heavily on my passion for recurring colour palettes. These palettes are influenced both by my love of the natural world and modern, urban environments. Some pieces relying heavily on flat expansive areas of colour alone, whilst others are augmented by layers of texture and free hand mark making. All are inspired by my interest in the mundane, random, atrophy of the world around me.

I love colour its uses and excuses, the layering of it and the tricks it plays on the eye. Please take the time to look at more of my work and feel free to contact me or follow me on my social media channels.


Check out my recent blog posts below or go to the Blog Posts item in the main menu to see a full archive of these visual articles. These posts will keep you up to date on the prints I am currently working on and give you an overview of my previous work. I also attempt in these posts to give my readers some insight into the methodologies and working practice that occur again and again in my work.

Example Artwork